No matter what I do, I can’t get away from my past or certain people. People need to learn to forgive and forget. That people change, and someone you knew during their teenage years, can change into a very different person by the time they are an “adult”.
It’s annoying that people care about others people lives so much in a negative way. I don’t care about people I dislike, or aren’t friends with anymore. I don’t lurk them or check up on them. I lurk the fuck out of my friends and keep on their lives because I care about them and want to make sure they are doing good, I try to be the best friend that I can be. Even if we aren’t that close.
Every time a friendship ends with me and someone, people out their hop on some hate Kayla bandwagon. (Even if the person I’m not friends with doesn’t hate me)
Every time I start a new relationship with someone, people try and fuck it up before it even has a chance to run its own course.

But yet, here I am, still having friends, reclining friendships, having relationships and being a genially happy person. Here I am, still fighting my past everyday to prove I am a different person, that I grew up and changed, and that I am in fact still human.

How many fucking facebooks do you need to make just to message me, talk shit and then block me.

You wanted to break friendships up, fine you win. 

You wanted to stress me out and cause me drama, good fucking job.

Now there is no reason for you to message me, or mention my name again.

Don’t lurk my twitter, instagram, tumblr, or sit in my

Fuck off and leave me alone. I’m so done with your immature bullshit. You want to go and have problems with every girl that talks to your boyfriend weather they know me or not. You go ahead. I don’t go down to your level. I don’t create bullshit for the fun of it. My friends sister messaged him before I even knew they were at the same fucking party. So get the fuck over it.

I regret EVER touching your boyfriend before you guys were even fucking dating.

I regret ever having a conversation with you.

There’s nothing left here for you to break or destroy.

You’ve won. Happy?

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